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Journalism in Crisis

A topic of great importance in the political, social and economic realm is the issue of journalism in the 21st century. Technological advances have  people turning to digital sources for their news. The instantaneous posting of news stories, and the free access to news content on the web has affected the news industry in adverse ways. With readers flocking to online material more and more the news industry is losing valuable advertising space along with key demographics, the news industry and the practice of journalism seem to be in crisis. At the current rate news corporations must attract 50 new viewers to their online website to meet the equivalent  advertising quota of  one newspaper subscription. The effect of this is news corporations not being able to employ and support enough journalists to provide groundbreaking, investigative reporting. The trend of popular and sensationalistic news casting has many citizens and journalists’ at odds with the current media system and  have the audience seeking new alternatives to main stream print and broadcast medias.

I will examine the technological phenomenon such as citizen journalism and problems with authenticity, and reliability, in relation to the convergence of news information of the internet. Many new media scholars have talked about the usage of the internet to help develop a more democratic and better informed society with people successfully participating and navigating a digital news medium. Technology and new media has changed the way we access and process information.  The news industry has struggled to incorporate a feasible digital platform that would be beneficial to the industry and it’s consumers . Currently the news industry is in a prone position. This project and the research will examine how journalism can progress in the new media age and how past traditional journalistic institutions must be adhered to in order to create an accountable, accurate source of information.


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